Terms of Service

Issued by Cavill Holdings Pty Ltd (CHPL)

These terms

To access this app and website, is to agree to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, you should close the app or leave the website immediately.

Access licence

A visitor to this app or website obtains a non-exclusive, personal, limited licence to view and use this app for lawful purposes.


CHPL does not offer any assurance this app or website is properly displayed, or displayed without errors, on a browser being used by a visitor.


This app and website may use cookies to enhance user experience, for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track a user’s use. A visitor may set their browser to refuse cookies, to alert the visitor when cookies are being sent, or to delete cookies after visiting this app or website. If they do so however, some parts of the app or website might not function properly during the initial visit, or a later visit.


CHPL does not offer any assurance that this app or website does not contain any virus or other malware that might infect a visitor’s computer or data.

Intellectual property
Information presented on this app or website (such as text, pictures, graphics, audio, video) may be copyright or contain other intellectual property rights of CHPL or third parties, even if not identified as such. All such intellectual property rights are reserved to their owner. Except with CHPL’s prior written consent, none of that information may be reproduced or modified.

Third party material

If this website displays any third party content (such as comments by other users, advertisements by providers of goods or services on offer), CHPL does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content, or that such content is current.

Links to websites

If this app or website has any link to a third party website, a visitor to this app or website who operates the link does so at their own risk. CHPL does not offer any assurance the link is operable or current. A link to a third party website does not imply that CHPL is affiliated with the linked website, nor is it an endorsement about any of the owner, its goods or services, or any information appearing on the linked website.

Uploading of material

A visitor has no right to upload any data or other material to this app or website (except as prompted when placing a purchase order or if sending an email to CHPL via the app or website). Nor has a visitor any right to change any layout or content on this app or website, nor to link this app or website to any website.

If this app or website invites visitor comments, the visitor must not post on the app or website any information that violates the rights of others or that is unlawful, threatening, invasive of privacy, obscene, harassing or otherwise objectionable.

Registration on this app

A visitor to this app or website is generally free to visit without giving any information about themselves.

Certain functions of this app or website may however, require a visitor to first register their pertinent details with CHPL via the app or website. In such cases, a visitor wanting access to that functionality must duly populate and submit those details as prompted by the app.

A visitor required to register in order to access to certain functions of the app or website may be issued, or choose, a password and a user name, each of which must be kept confidential. The person issued with them is responsible for all activity on or via the app or website that occurs under their use. Any unauthorised use of either of them must be reported promptly to CHPL.

CHPL may refuse service or terminate registered accounts as it thinks fit.

Contracts with providers

The app or website allows a visitor to contract with a provider of goods or services to a social occasion being organised by the visitor.

If that occurs:

  • the contract for the provision of the goods or services is between the visitor and the provider only CHPL has no responsivities as regards that contract, such as upon a failure by the provider to duly perform the contract
  • CHPL does not endorse, or offer any warranty, representation or other assurance as to the merits of, any provider able to be contacted via the app.


Any content on this app or website (including these terms) may change without prior notice. Each time a visitor visits this app or website, he or she should refresh their browser so that the then current app or website is displayed. In any event, from time to time a visitor should revisit these terms to find any changes to these terms.


The laws in New South Wales, Australia, govern these terms. The Courts of that State have exclusive jurisdiction as regards any dispute in connection with these terms.